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We’ve been extremely satisfied with Mindbenders Media. They deliver a great value and customized approach. Communication is vital when it comes to Social Media marketing, especially for a bank and our regulatory environment. I’m comforted by the fact that I have access to Al Balda & his team anytime I need them – and we’re always on the same page. We’ve been delighted by the exceptional job they’ve done providing us with an online personality.Mindbenders Media delivers a great value and customized approach.5

VP Marketing
Great Midwest Bank

Mindspike worked for years on creating just the right image for my business. The next step was to expand upon that image and reach a larger audience. Mindbenders Media has taught me that social media, or new media as they more accurately describe it, is a marketing resource that can extend your brand and create buzz about your business. Success in social media is decided by how well you play the game and Mindbenders plays it well! Mindbenders will educate themselves on your customer base so they understand which media form will work best for your business. Once they are up to speed the team executes as if they were you. Mindbenders understands the importance of developing the right formula for when, where and how often to reach out to your followers. This balance is critical. Too little contact and your audience doesn’t grow; too much contact and they shut you off. Mindbenders understands the game and knows how to maintain the balance. I think Mindbenders has done a fabulous job of extending the brand that Mindspike created for Metro Eye and relayed it into the social media world beautifully. I couldn’t imagine trying to do it myself.
Success in social media is decided by how well you play the game and Mindbenders plays it well!5

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