Social Media and SEO: Working Together Towards More Traffic

September 30, 2015


Posted By: Mindbenders Media
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Social media should no longer be dismissed as trivial and superficial, especially with online marketing. Not only are social media platforms becoming a large source of referrals of web traffic to websites, they are becoming independent from websites, creating of an independent ecosystem of potential customers and visitors.

In fact, not having an active social media presence also factors into how your website displays on search engines. For years now, Google has used it as an important indicator of its PageRank, equalling posts on these platforms just as important as the latest news or blog post item.

In the very least, it’s important to have a social media presence with your business information, as the millions of users on these platforms increasingly use them as search engines to find products and services.

We took a look at some factors where social media marketing (SMM) and search engine optimization (SEO) intersect:

Links Syndicated From Social Media Posts May Boost Your Search Rank… or Maybe Not

There seems to be conflicting information on this, but it’s best to err on the side of caution that links to your website in your social media posts lead to a better PageRank. Google crawls social media websites for content just like they do for any other site. These sites are considered to be of high value to Google because of the amount of timely, quality content they produce, so it’s a good bet Google follows the links posted as well. However, just because they are linked on Facebook won’t mean a silver bullet to having great SEO. On the other hand, Bing, the second largest search engine on the web, has been very open to the fact that they utilize social activity as a factor in their search ranks. It’s very possible that someday soon, Google will openly recalculate their search algorithm to do so as well.

Social Media Profiles Rank High in Search Engines

Take a look at what happens when you do a search for any major brand on Google. Chances are, after the homepage, links to their social media sites on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube will also be first page. This is due to the referral value that Google puts on these sites. Google is scraping the content on these sites for information to feed their search algorithm. Visitors themselves are increasingly using these profiles to vet businesses, gathering information and opinions (more of that in a minute). A business without a profile on social media is missing a huge piece of the SEO puzzle.

Social Media Platforms Are Becoming Search Engines

We mentioned above how visitors are utilizing social media as a referral in order to find new products and services on Google. However, visitors are increasingly using websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as their main search engine application to find this information. The usage of social apps on personal devices is increasing, driving the need to have exposure in those environments as well. Companies should expand their use of social media sites in order to get on the ground floor of this monumental shift in usage habits of users on the internet. Its entirely possible that people will discover your company exclusively through using hashtags and pins.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and become a juggernaut in the digital marketing world, get in touch with the team at Mindbenders Media. We’d love to help your company with a strategy to create a loyal social following while increasing page rank at the same time. Call (414) 765-2344 today.


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