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March 6, 2014


Posted By: Mindbenders Media
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  • Business: Soerens Ford
  • Campaign: The Tradition Continues
  • Campaign Duration: 12 weeks

Challenge: A change in ownership at Soerens Ford created the perfect opportunity to rebrand the 97 year old, one location, one brand dealership. Since customers have grown to really love Soerens over the years, it was important to let their most loyal fans know that despite the change in ownership, Soerens was staying the “Home of the Nice Guys”.

Solution: We utilized social media, digital advertising, radio, and print to promote the much buzzed about change in ownership from one generation of the Soerens family to the next (from Bob Soerens to his daughter, Stephanie Soerens-Borkowski).

Creative for the ads merged “old” and “new”. The dealership’s tagline “Home of the Nice Guys” was updated to “Home of the Nice Guys and Gals!”, which gave a direct nod to Stephanie as the new owner.

Results: The story of Soerens and the re-designed brand received a lot of buzz in local media. The Milwaukee Business Journal printed an interview with the new owner, Stephanie Soerens-Borkowski and the new campaign drove a huge response on social media.

  •   700% increase in Facebook page Likes
  •   100% increase in Twitter followers.
  • Sales volume increased 15% YOY.
  • Nearly ONE MILLION digital impressions generated


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