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Where Are Millennials Spending Their Time Online?

July 27, 2015


Posted By: Mindbenders Media
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Move over Facebook and Twitter, there’s a new wave of social media surging in popularity. The days of status updates are no longer what young people are investing their time in, it’s now heavily invested in visual focused platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Even words themselves are on the way out. Taking their place are emojis, coming in a variety of different expressions, animals, and basically anything else you could possibly think of. This transition begs the question, how do you market yourself to millennials?


1. Know Their Battlefield.

The most important aspect of marketing to millennials is knowing where they are. Instagram, is now one of the top social media platforms used today by millennials, but the demographic is what makes it unique. 37% of all the users on the platform are below the age of 30, and 68% of all users are female. Since its introduction, Instagram has been a visual vs text social media platform. In addition, the inclusion of Instagram video this year allows users and businesses alike 15 seconds to send out a message.

Instagram Stats
On the other hand, there might not be a social media platform that has had quite the introduction to the market like Snapchat. Originally looked at as a way for young people to quickly send racy pictures to one another, the platform has taken on a completely new identity. Now a preferred way to communicate with friends compared to texting. The rise of Snapchat further illustrates the need for businesses and organizations to start marketing their brands via new platforms.


2. Become Fluent In Their Language.

When Apple introduced its emoji keyboard, the way in which millennials communicated was forever changed. Millennials, unlike generations before them, have the unique ability to communicate digitally without a single word being typed. Having a knowledge on how they talk, and even being able to use their language is key for marketers.

Millennials Marketing
Another huge key is knowing how to engage them. Knowing when to drop in a picture, video or an animated GIF is important for businesses and organizations alike on social media. In fact, the power of GIFs has caused even the giants of social media, Facebook and Twitter, to take serious consideration into how their platform handles them.


3. Consult Social Media Professionals

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice on how to approach the use of up and coming social media websites and apps for your business. The team at Mindbenders Media will be happy to answer any questions you have and would love to assist in building your organization a successful social media strategy. For additional questions, please contact Mindbenders at:

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