The Importance Of The Pitch In MLB (Major League Business)

October 22, 2014


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Whether it’s a new account, a new advertising campaign, or new copy… at the end of the day, winning in business is much like winning in baseball- the pitch is critical. As anyone who watched Game 1 of the 2014 World Series could tell you, strong pitching is often the difference between winning and losing. The same is true in the business of advertising.

Let’s draw some comparisons.

Practice Makes Perfect

Make no mistake: baseball and advertising are both highly competitive numbers games. Whether driven by ego, money, or purely by the love of the game, the players in each “sport” are hard-wired to want to succeed. Each player understands the value of practice in order to pull-off consistent wins for the team. Every team has its ups and downs. Hit a hot streak, and eventually, you’ll throw a wild one. Throw enough bad pitches and eventually, you’ll paint the corners. That’s why pitchers (of all kinds) devote hours, days, months, years to perfecting the skill.

Pre-Game Strategy

Know your target. This applies to baseball as well as business. It’s important to know your own strengths and weaknesses when you’re standing out there on the mound, but it’s also advantageous to know what’s going on “in the field” (with particular regard for the person standing 60 ft. 6 inches- or sitting 6ft 6 inches- across from you). A pitcher who has done his or her research before the game can better formulate the ideal pitching strategy and alter it as necessary depending on the circumstances in the moment.


The managers have shaken hands. Everyone has taken their positions. It’s time to throw out a pitch! Surely you know the general game plan at this point, but you’ll need to take into account any information gathered last minute and alert your team accordingly. Good pitchers in baseball and in advertising come prepared with options, come ready to adapt. As the pitch man, it’s crucial to make sure you and everyone on your team knows what’s about to come hurling out of the proverbial (or literal) glove, so with a quick wink and a nod, you signal your intention. Let the game begin!

The Wind-Up

You take a deep breath, look intently at your target, and once the ball is in motion, there’s no going back. The velocity of the situation grabs hold and you have to commit. Without showing your hand too quickly, you wind-up and…

The Release

…finally, it’s time to throw it out there! With enough proper preparation, you won’t have to think about this part. The muscle memory takes over. Just let it go…

 The Call

Now that the pitch is “out of your hands” so to speak, you wait for the call. Were you too far outside the box? Sometimes you need to throw out a few additional pitches to get what you came for. Or, perhaps, your pitch resulted in a grand slam! In any case, it’s important to remember that the final call is NOT up to the pitcher. A pitcher can only control the pitch. Your job (for the moment) is complete.

Post-Game Recap

While the pitch is just the beginning of any play, win or lose, it’s important to identify what went right and what could have gone better “on the mound”. In both baseball and the advertising business, those who come out on top are consistently reviewing their own pitch technique and learning from those around them. As Babe Ruth famously said, “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

If you are seeking branding or advertising direction for your major league business, we’d be happy to pitch our services to you.  Batter Up!


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