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For years, Mindspike Design, Inc. has shaped the design landscape.
Now, Mindbenders Media will bend the conversation!

Comprised of Gen X, Y and Zers, we are a highly motivated group of passionate creative marketers helping local businesses and customers connect on a consistent basis. Our Milwaukee-based marketing collective will walk the line between conventional marketing philosophies and the way of the free thinker. Mindbenders Media excels in providing comprehensive marketing solutions that include social media marketing, multi-platform content creation, and traditional media strategies for small and medium business (SMB) markets in Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin.

Realizing that every client is different, and each customer base is different, Mindbenders Media truly understands that while a picture may say a thousand words, a hashtag can create a globally recognizable idea. We provide the tailored brand strategy and multi-faceted content marketing that businesses are looking for.


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